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By: Mr. Jan Heemskerk | Fromanteel staff-writer, Amsterdam – Netherlands (GMT+1 hrs) | 3 minute read


Jet lag, disorientation, and confusion: these are a few of the things I feel at the end of a transcontinental flight. It’s like waking up from a midday nap I never planned to take, in the sense that I often wake up looking around with a bewildered stare wondering what year it is. Thankfully, with a GMT watch around my wrist I never have to wonder what time it is when I find myself abroad – which brings us to the first of many reasons you should get a GMT:

You Are A Globetrotter

As a citizen of the world, you are used to starting your day in Amsterdam only to end it in Hong Kong. Naturally, you know all the tricks in the book when it comes to jet lag prevention. That’s why you like setting the local time of your GMT watch to Hong Kong a couple of days before your flight, to help you get into the correct rhythm. Your priority is to get the most out of your trip, and lying around recovering from jet lag just does not fit your itinerary.


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You Have Family Or Friends Abroad

Are you living your best life as an expat? Odds are you will Face Time or Skype with your friends and family regularly to prevent homesickness. Setting the home time of your GMT watch to their time zone could help you feel closer to them, and it certainly takes away the peskiness of having to add or subtract the hours in your head. This way, you’ll always have an ongoing connection with home.

You Are A Collector

Everyone loves a good minimalist watch at times, but your average collector will be looking to add a little bit more depth to his or her assortment. There are plenty of exciting options – spanning from chronographs to moon phase pieces – but there’s something about the classic, pilot-inspired GMT that makes it a necessary addition to every collection. Which brings us to the last and perhaps most logical reason for getting a GMT:

You Love Aviation

If you’re the kind of chap that knows the first names of the Wright brothers by heart, a GMT watch is certainly something that you should own. The GMT watch came into existence after Pan American Airlines teamed up with Swiss Made watch experts in the early 1950s. They did this because Pan Am wanted their intercontinental pilots to be able to anticipate the time difference between their departure and arrival, and the GMT watch has been an pilot’s favorite ever since.


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In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why you should seriously consider buying a GMT watch. Whether you’re an international man of mystery, an expat or an aviation enthusiast: having the possibility of setting a local time next to your home time will make you feel more connected with the world outside of the country you are currently in. A GMT watch simply is a globetrotter’s perfect companion, sporting a usable function that’s been made famous by pilots, even though you no longer have to be able to fly an airplane in order to wear one.



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