Strapbox Sportive

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Give your Fromanteel Watch Straps™ the home that they deserve with the new Fromanteel Strapbox™.

A beautiful handmade black leather box, with the characteristic 'Fromanteel Yellow' finish on the inside.

This gift set includes three interchangeable watch straps that fit any Fromanteel watch. Changing straps is easy and requires no additional tools.


Length: 155mm (6.10 inch)
Width: 122mm (4.80 inch)
Height: 48mm (1.8 inch)

Nylon Green Strap
Aviator Brown Strap, white stitch
Nato Black Strap

Length: 200mm (7.9 inch)
Width: 20mm (0.8 inch)
Material: Leather/Nylon

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