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Automatic Watches

Automatic Watches are a hallmark of Swiss watchmaking excellence. At Fromanteel, these automatic watches all bear the name 'Pendulum.' The Fromanteel Pendulum is an automatic men's watch collection that will keep on ticking long after any battery runs out.

Unlike a battery-powered or quartz watch, an automatic watch has an indefinite lifespan. The mechanical movement of these watches is self-winding (thus automatic) and is wound every time its wearer moves its wrist.

An automatic watch will only pause when you don't wear it, and its power reserve depletes. Most Fromanteel automatic watches have power reserves ranging from 38 to 62 hours, depending on the watch.

At Fromanteel, we offer a variety of automatic timepieces in our Pendulum collection, ranging from three-hand automatic dress watches, to sportive dive automatic watches to automatic chronograph watches.

Besides telling the time, the latter measures seconds, lap times, and minutes and hours. Automatic chronograph watches are made for those among us who desire extra accuracy on their wrists.

All Fromanteel watches are Swiss Made, equipped with scratch-proof sapphire glass, and waterproof up to 50 meters or 5 atm. In addition, Fromanteel watches have an excellent case diameter of 42 millimeters and offer a vast selection of handmade leather bands.

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