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Words by: Mr. Jan Heemskerk | Fromanteel staff-writer, |
Amsterdam – Netherlands (GMT+1 hrs) | 3 minute read


Fromanteel Watches’ collection today can be divided into several series, of which the most widely known ones are the Generations Series, Globetrotter Series, Amsterdam Series and various Special Projects.

The Generations Series boasts popular models such as the timeless Day Date White, or the fully automatic Pendulum Original. In the Globetrotter Series you will find the Moonphase White, a long time favorite among consumers. And the Amsterdam Series houses the elegant Chrono Nautique White.

Some of our most prominent Special Edition timepieces are the several Rally-inspired watches, which were made for the annual Tulpenrallye, as well as a collection of military-inspired pieces that were designed for the Dutch Armed Forces.

Then, finally, there are a few pieces that were made in the earlier years of Fromanteel Watches. Curious to find out which those were? Read on here.


Fromanteel Watches are characterized by brand-defining, detailed specifications, strong materials and the Swiss Made seal of quality. Both the quartz and automatic movements are housed in a 42mm Stainless Steel casing and protected by a layer of sapphire glass to prevent scratching. On the side, the casing is decorated by a uniquely Fromanteel yellow crown.

Depending on your taste and your daily obligations, you can fit a wide variety of different straps to your Fromanteel timepiece. Whether you’re going to a formal meeting and require the more serious croco black leather strap, or you prefer a business casual look and decided to strap on a braided leather strap, the options are plenty and switching is easy thanks to our Quick Release System.


A Fromanteel watchmaker assembling a watch-dial


The industry of clock and watchmaking has evolved many times over since the days of Ahasuerus Fromanteel and his sons, but the passion for quality among the artisans that have perfected this craft has not. It makes a difference when passion is involved, it always does, and there’s no shortage of that in the Fromanteel Swiss Atelier where our watches are assembled.

The Fromanteel Swiss Atelier can be found in the city of Bienne. This town, aside from sitting comfortably in the shadow of the Jura Mountain, is widely known as one of the most famous watchmaking cities of the world. Which means it is also home to some of the most experienced and excellent craftsmen in the industry.

The craftsmen in the Fromanteel Swiss Atelier work tirelessly on perfecting your new Fromanteel watch under the Swiss Made label. In order to achieve the highest possible quality, they follow a rather meticulous production process, which was defined at the turn of the 19th century in the ‘Ordonnance du 23 décembre 1971.


A Fromanteel watch about to enter its atmospheric & water-proof test


The ‘Ordonnance du 23 décembre 1971’ were defined to protect the quality of watches bearing the Swiss Made seal. This was done to prevent inferior products from flooding the market, by setting up strict rules for using the Swiss Made label of quality. These rules were sharped in 1992 and read as follows:

The watch is considered Swiss if:
  > The movement is Swiss;
  > The case has been fitted with the movement in Switzerland;
  > The final inspection of the watch takes place in a Swiss Atelier.

The movement, in turn, is considered Swiss if:
  > It is assembled in Switzerland;
  > It is constantly subjected to local inspections;
  > At least 60% of the total worth of the watch has been produced in Switzerland.

From the very moment an order arrives in the Fromanteel Atelier, the production process kicks off. This process can take anywhere from five to eight months to complete.

The movements are assembled and inspected carefully, the dials are painted and provided with a stylish finish and finally everything is fitted in the case. Then, and only after one more inspection, the watches are shipped to the Netherland.


Giftwrapped: The Globetrotter Chrono Sunray Cream & a leather green strap in one of our giftboxes


In the Netherlands, your order is carefully placed into a stylish leather black box, together with an assortment of extras befitting of your new timepiece. The experience of unpacking your new watch is something that should be as memorable as the first time you strap it on. And you know what they say, there’s no second chance for a first impression.





To understand what makes the modern day Fromanteel Watches tick, one has to first imagine life in 17th century Amsterdam. In that time, visitors would find many workshops on the Dam Square.


What does “Quality Time” mean to you? Is it teaching your children your trade and working together, side by side? Is it traveling the world with your best friend or your lover?


Fromanteel Watches’ collection today can be divided into several series, of which the most widely known ones are the Generations Series, Globetrotter Series, Amsterdam Series and various Special Projects.