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Globetrotter Moon Phase NERO™


Swiss Made. Dutch Designed

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Note: this product is currently in production and available for pre-order only. Delivery: End 2022.

Made out of high-quality materials, otherwise only used in industrial applications, The Moon Phase NERO™ brings tried and tested reliability and a touch of luxury to your wrist.

The black watch case is PVD* coated. The Moon Phase NERO™ men's watch is a future icon of the Globetrotter Series. This watch is characterized by a classic design and distinguishes itself by the new complication of a moon phase dial that displays the moon's phases from waxing to waning. 

The three correctors are made with small screwed locks that make them stand out as a modest detail and prevent accidental tampering with the complex mechanism. The diamond-cut counters give the watch its luxurious finish. 

*PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a process that vaporizes metal particles and then binds them on a surface, in layers, in a heated vacuum. PVD is a super-hard, full-black coating considered the most durable coating available today used in the aerospace industry.


Swiss Made
Quartz Caliber-706.3
Complications: hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase
Calendar functions: 31-days date counter, analog 12-month counter,
analog 7-weekdays counter 
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Case: Polished Stainless Steel
Pressure resistance: 5 ATM


Case height: 10,1mm
Case diameter: Ø42mm
Crown: Ø6mm
Calendar correctors (locks): Ø5x3 mm

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