Keychain Croco Yellow


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The Fromanteel Watch Strap Keychains™ are made from different kind of leather on the outside, but all of them have the same soft finishing on the inside. The Chains are available in three different styles: Croco Brown, Vintage Brown and Croco Yellow. 

The Fromanteel Watch Strap Keychain™ can be ordered in three forms: you can choose the part of the strap with the buckle, the part of the strap with the holes and both parts of the strap combined. 

These special Fromanteel Keychains™ will add a familiar stylish edge to your set of keys, just like the Fromanteel Watch Straps™ add that same edge to your watch.


Total length: 85mm
Ring diameter: 26mm
Material: Leather and Stainless Steel

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