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By: Mr. Alexander Sauve | Fromanteel staff-writer, Toronto - Canada (GMT -6 hrs) | 4 minute read


From elegant and formal watches to the sporty convenience of the chronograph, a watch is essentially more than just a simple accessory. Whether your taste is refined or leans more towards the relaxed casual, here is a quick list of watches that are sure to impress and upgrade your already impeccable style.

The Generation Chronograph

Similar to the Generation Day Date Series, there is a certain sporty cool that can only be found in a chronograph. With its 1960’s athletic appeal, this chronograph also contains a stopwatch in its complications. It offers the wearer versatility, functionality and classic style.

 The Generation Chronograph displays the weekdays, minutes, seconds and date and is encased in stainless steel and sapphire glass crystal. Keeping up with its adventurous style and spirit, the Generation Chronograph is a perfect combination of superior craftsmanship and functionality, paying close attention to even the finest of details.

Discover the Generations Series Chrono Brown.



The Globetrotter Series GMT White is ready to take off for adventure when you are. Its sleek and sophisticated design brings new meaning to stylish jetsetter. Conveniently displaying the time down to the last second, the GMT makes sure you are on time every time.

With the GMT, missing that all important business flight or meeting will no longer be an issue or concern. Its date and 24hour second time zone indicators are ideal in every time zone and city. Its superior Swiss quartz movement and functionality make this watch a stylish and modern accessory.

Discover the Globetrotter GMT White.


Twin Time

The Generations Series Twin Time Dark Grey is understated by design, but delivers the same promise and elegance that can be found in all Fromanteel watches. Surrounded by sapphire glass crystal and stainless steel, the Twin Time Dark Grey has a refined and dignified aesthetic making it a versatile and polished timepiece.

The Twin Time has a second-time-zone and day indicator, also making it ideal for travel. Its grey dial and crown add sophistication making it suitable for both casual and formal wear. The Twin Time is as versatile as it is functional.

Discover the Generations Series Twin Time Grey.


The Generations Pendulum

Watches with Swiss automatic movement never go out of style. They are popularly known for their fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability. Practically everything is run on a battery these days, which makes the Generations Pendulum feel that much more original and classic.

The Generations Pendulum delivers the look and feel of vintage, but with modern sensibilities. Classically designed to fit the lifestyle of a modern and sophisticated gentleman. The Pendulum offers a 38hr power reserved with a three-hand move indicator making the Pendulum as classic as it is refined.

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Moon Phase

A personal favourite, the Moon Phase in Black is the latest addition to the Fromanteel Globetrotter Series. Stylish and functional, the Moon Phase conveniently displays the hours, minutes and seconds, while showing the lunar phase. The watch also has a variety of calendar functions including a 31-days date counter, an analogue 12-month calendar, and a 7-weekday analogue counter.

The Moon Phase is an example of classic tradition with a hint of edgy-adventure. Another great travel companion, the Moon Phase is ready for the excitement and mystery only international travel can offer. So multifunctional, the Moon Phase can be stylishly worn with the perfect-suit or favorite pair of jeans no matter the time zone or destination. Truly making the Moon Phase in a league of its own.

Discover the Globetrotter Series Moon Phase Black.


Generation Day Date Series

There is something cool and understated about the Generation Day Date Series. It’s classic design and style is reminiscent of the 1960’s “Mad Men” era. Its polished aesthetic makes this watch an ideal and elegant choice for the urban professional, go-getter or networking aficionado.       

Its 42-millimetre cabinet is built sleek for a tasteful and sophisticated look. Modern by design and functionality, the Day Date Series conveniently displays the hours, minutes and seconds, while simultaneously showing the day and date. It’s polished stainless steel case, sapphire glass crystal, and blue face makes the Generation Day Date Series a standout.

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