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By: Mr. Alfredo Silva | Fromanteel staff-writer, Amsterdam (GMT +1 hrs) | 10 minute read

Imagine you spontaneously end up fine-dining in a Parisian restaurant in the good company of your best friends. Around you, everyone is engaging in conversation, having fun and enjoying themselves. Everyone’s invested in the moment, in the ‘now’.

However, imagine that same restaurant the way the scenario as mentioned above would probably occur. You’ll walk in at the time of your reservation for a night of scheduled pleasure to escape from your daily ‘modus operandi’. Work is the main topic of conversation, and around you, people are more invested in grabbing the right picture for Instagram than in the person sitting across the table. 

While we’d love to experience the first scenario, the harsh reality we face these days is the dominance and dependence of technology in our daily life. We spent the majority of our waking hours online on mobile devices, television or computers. We’re engaging in more conversations online than offline.

Technology has its perks. For instance, it helped to connect the world. In the blink of an eye, you interact with friends from Taiwan to Puerto Rico. However, technology has also its cons, as this connectivity has made life more ‘fast-paced’ than ever. This new, technology-driven speed causes a disconnection with our human metabolism, while to be in sync with your natural metabolism is crucial to a relaxed state of mind, or better yet: a mindful state of mind.

 Discover the BLU collection  

.BLU: mindfulness in watchmaking 

The .BLU collection is there to reconnect with the natural, calm and reliable state of human metabolism. Simply by wearing one of these watches, we aim to facilitate disruptive moments in which the wearer finds himself glimpsing over the small and intricate details of the watch. In short: to bring its wearer back to ‘the moment -, ‘the now’ and in sync with his own natural pace.  

In order to achieve this, we’ve spent time going over meticulous details of both the watch, its properties and even its name. Take the colour, for instance… Colours have a proven psychological ability to facilitate emotional associations or moods. The colour blue, for instance, is mainly associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, confidence, intelligence and truth. 

Then, the name .BLU itself; verbally pronounced the same as ‘blue’. However, by writing it differently, it captures a different meaning. The absence of the letter ’e’ in the name, a letter currently associated with tech and used in tech-driven words, such as ‘e-mail’ or ‘e-commerce’, makes that the name carries a non-electronic undertone. It avoids the ‘click & get’ instant-gratification associations we all grew used to. Finally, the name starts with a ‘dot’; .BLU . Generally found on the end of a phrase, now set on the beginning of the word to force a moment of pause and reflection before moving forward.  

The name and colour are chosen for the collection align with our overall Fromanteel philosophy, “Quality Time You Can Truly Own”. Moreover, we decided to emphasize this onto The .BLU Collection by phrasing as: “Quality Takes Time”. 

Quality Takes Time

Over a decade ago, Fromanteel made its way into the watch industry. Ever since, we’ve aimed to offer Swiss Made quality craftsmanship, yet without the hefty price tag. Something we kept on doing throughout all our collections of watches, especially The new BLU collection.

We’re proud to be known for not just our quality watches but for staying true to our brand’s philosophy. All of our products stand for creating quality moments, celebrating family, companionship and achievements. So, with no further ado, we present the all-new .BLU Collection, consisting of three new watches; The Chrono .BLU, The Pendulum .BLU and The Pendulum .BLU Chrono. 



The Chrono .BLU

The price and level of complexity of the watches within the .BLU collection are all different. Each of the watches has something to offer for every watch lover. So, whether you favour chronograph complexity, mechanical ingenuity or simplicity in design, the .BLU collection has it all. Here we highlight the Chrono .BLU watch, an exclusive watch based on a reliable Swiss Quartz movement.

The Chrono .BLU combines elegance with functionality, sophistication with practicality. Everything about this watch screams quiet confidence and style displayed in the elegant silhouette and compelling proportions. The watch comes in a blue or an off-white dial.

Its elegant design is harmonious and inconspicuous. The dial is versed with a beautiful sunray pattern that brings out both the blue and off-white colour of the dial. The casing is polished, 42mm in diameter, stainless steel, which lies nicely on the wrist. And the level of attention for the smallest of details of Fromanteel is again accentuated by the iconic ‘Fromanteel-yellow’ on the tip of the crown.

Underneath the hood roof, the Chrono .BLU consists of a rather complex chronograph mechanism, which allows for stop-second time measurements. The .BLU collection is all about taking time back into your own hands, hence adding a chronograph function in this timepiece. In combination with the Z50 high-accuracy Swiss Quartz Chronograph Caliber, you’ll enjoy optimized accuracy and long-lasting battery life. 

  The Pendulum .BLU

The Pendulum .BLU

For those of you favouring simplistic design, we’ve introduced a new automatic movement in the .BLU Collection. The Pendulum .BLU watch houses a unique automatic movement with a ‘mini-sweep’ function, allowing for a new way to display second on the dial. 

The automatic Swiss Made SW261caliber is a self-winding mechanism that will always keep the watch running through kinetic energy generated by the subtle wrist movements. The Pendulum .BLU has a power reserve of 41 hours. Meaning the watch continues ‘ticking’, even when it’s not worn. 

The design choice and the overall look and feel of this watch, is motivated by simplicity and elegance. The watch only displays the time, date and seconds, and that’s all. This simplicity in design emphasizes the sophistication of this timepiece. 

The case is sealed with scratch-resistant sapphire, anti-reflection glass and has a height of 11,40mm. The dial is versed with a beautiful sunray pattern that brings out both the blue and off-white colour of the dial.

The Pendulum .BLU has an open case-back. Through this small ‘window’ on the back of the watch, the wearer can glance at the complexity of the automatic Swiss Made movement. In itself, observing a mechanical movement at work allows for a moment of serenity and calm. Something that the watches of The .BLU Collection is deliberately designed for.  

  The Pendulum .BLU Chrono

The Pendulum .BLU Chrono

The Pendulum .BLU Chrono, is one of the most exquisite timepieces Fromanteel has ever created. It is Fromanteel’s first-ever automatic chronograph. This debut marks the beginning of a new era for the brand and its collection of watches. 

Fromanteel aims to democratize high-quality Swiss Made craftsmanship. When designed and crafted consciously, we believe that a high-quality timepiece doesn’t have to carry a hefty price tag. By introducing an affordable automatic chronograph into our collection, we’ve successfully managed to consolidate onto both our philosophy and our belief.   

The Pendulum Chrono .BLU houses an automatic SW500a chronograph movement. The caliber has a staggering power reserve of 60hrs, runs on 28,000 vibrations per hour and displays a multitude of functions, such as hours, seconds, day-date and stop-second, to name a few.  

The dial is versed with a beautiful sunray pattern that brings out both the blue and off-white colour of the dial. In one of the two iconic colours representing the .BLU collection, a millimetre-precise dial, The casing is a polished, 42mm in diameter, stainless steel, which lies nicely on the wrist. And the level of attention for the smallest of details of Fromanteel is again accentuated by the iconic ‘Fromanteel-yellow’ on the tip of the crown.

The Pendulum Chrono .BLU watch is a watch well-worth obtaining. 

Available for Pre-Order only

The .BLU Collection is available for pre-order only and is scheduled for delivery mid December of 2021. We invite you to marvel at the details of the watches of the .BLU collection and place your pre-orders at our webstore. 

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