Affordable Luxury: The Moon Phase White Watch is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary


By: Mr. Alfredo Silva | Fromanteel staff-writer, Amsterdam (GMT +1 hrs) | 5 minute read

Present in so many of life’s facets, anniversaries come in a myriad of shapes and forms.

They can be celebrations of milestones as noteworthy as a golden wedding, as personal as the beginning of a beautiful life-long friendship or as life-changing as a professional accomplishment.

But regardless of how big or small, or how personal or universal they may be, all anniversaries are meant to do the same thing: serve as a constant reminder of life’s greatest moments.

Which is very much what a Fromanteel watch is designed to do, as well. Speaking of Fromanteel watches, this year we have our own noteworthy anniversary.

The most iconic timepiece in our collection, The Moon Phase White, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Quite a feat! And with a unique origin story, we couldn’t be prouder to see this moonphase watch truly stand the test of time.
Photo by Fromanteel Watches on January 23, 2023. An image of the Moonphase wrist watch on a glass table with a reflection of the full moon. .
The Moon Phase White™ Origin Story
The Moon Phase White was introduced in 2012 as part of our Globetrotter Series. Soon after its release, this stunning timepiece became the most sought after watch in our entire Fromanteel collection.

This gained it the status of the most beloved Fromanteel watch, a status which it has been steadily holding on to for the past ten years – and for good reason, we might add.

Undeniably the shining star of the Globetrotter Series, the Moon Phase White™ is, as the name aptly suggests, a moonphase watch.

But it didn’t start out that way, as a look at the origin story of this iconic timepiece quickly reveals.

The Moon Phase White™ is actually an iteration of a watch which has long left our brand’s collection, namely the Fromanteel Calendar watch.

The Calendar watch had the same functions as the Moon Phase White™, but with one notable exception: the moonphase function.

At the time, the Calendar watch didn’t prove to be all that popular. That’s when Fromanteel’s founders, decided to play around with its design.

They kicked things off by refining several details on the dial.

But they also decided to add the watch’s defining functionality: the moonphase complication.

Even though at that point the two founders had been in the watch business for just three short years, their instinct and their design choices turned out to be dead on.

So without having planned it – and without even knowing it just yet – they had just designed a Fromanteel best seller.
Photo by Fromanteel Watches on January 23, 2023. An image of the Moonphase wrist watch on a male wrist.
What is A Moonphase Watch?
We’ve been going on about this iconic moonphase watch, but what actually is a moonphase on a watch? Once again, the clue is in the name.

A moonphase is a complication – meaning a function of the watch whose purpose is other than telling time – which relays the lunar cycle by showcasing the moon's current phase on the dial.

The Moon Phase White™ watch displays every moon phase, going from waxing all the way to waning, so the wearer can tell in a single glance whether the moon is full, half, quarter or new.

Why Are Moonphase Watches So Expensive?
Although moonphase watches are easy to read, their intrinsic mechanism is incredibly complex. It takes some carefully crafted machinery to represent lunar cycles, which are approximately 29.5 days long.

Therefore, a moonphase watch is generally pricier than a regular watch. However, when it comes to the Moon Phase White™, the watch is a perfect embodiment of our brand’s promise: affordable luxury.

What Fromanteel is known for is offering high quality Swiss Made watches without the hefty price tag and this beloved moonphase watch is no exception.

Priced at an incredible EUR 749, it is really no wonder this timepiece has captured the hearts – and wrists – of watch aficionados worldwide.

How Accurate Is A Moonphase Watch?
Interestingly enough, when it actually comes to tracking the moon phase, this is considered more of an art than science.

However, that being said, the Moon Phase White™ has an incredible accuracy of 99.99%.

Meaning that without interruption, the watch would only need a correction every 122.6 years. Talk about a truly innovative timepiece.
Photo by Fromanteel Watches on January 23, 2023. An image of the Moonphase wrist watch on a male wrist.

Is A Moonphase Watch A Dress Watch?
Moonphase watches come in many different designs and styles, so there is no one answer to this question. When it comes to the Moon Phase White™, this is a stylish and functional timepiece.

What’s more, what men most appreciate about this iconic watch – in addition to its high quality – is its classic design.

This stunning moonphase watch is an example of classic tradition with a hint of edginess.

Just like any Fromanteel timepiece, the Moon Phase White™ is understated in nature.

A sophisticated designer piece, the watch is made to complement the wearer’s wrist rather than dominate it.

At the same time, it adds style and a touch of luxury to any outfit and any occasion.

The extremely multifunctional Moon Phase White™ can also be extremely versatile thanks to the vast selection of handmade leather bands.

Depending on your personal preference – or your daily obligations – you can choose from a wide variety of different straps in order to best display this incredible moonphase watch on your wrist.

From a more formal black leather strap, ideal for business meetings, to a braided leather strap, perfect for a more casual look, the options are plenty.

What’s more, switching the straps couldn’t be easier thanks to the Quick Release System that every Fromanteel timepiece is equipped with.

The moonphase watch’s quartz movements are housed in a 42mm stainless steel casing and protected by a layer of sapphire glass in order to prevent scratching.

On the side, the casing is decorated with the unique Fromanteel yellow crown. Fromanteel’s Moon Phase White™ also has a variety of calendar functions, including a 31-day date counter, an analogue 12-month calendar and a 7-weekday analogue counter.

The three correctors are made with small screwed locks that make them stand out as a modest detail and prevent accidental tampering with the complex mechanism.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our stunning Moon Phase White™ can beautifully measure every moment on Earth – and the phases of the moon. It’s been doing so for the past ten years, while sitting on the wrists of all those watch lovers who know how to appreciate a stylish timepiece which is not only able to always complement their outfits but which can last a lifetime.
Photo by Fromanteel Watches on January 23, 2023. An image of the Moonphase wrist watch on a male wrist.

The Moon Phase White™ : A Token Of Life's Greatest Moments
Beyond adding a touch of sophistication to the wearer’s wrist, owning a Fromanteel watch is meant to be a token of life’s important moments and experiences.

The driving force behind our company and our brand is “quality time you can truly own.”

Because we believe this is the ultimate luxury: not the show of material wealth, but having the time to experience it on your own terms.

In today’s society, which is becoming increasingly more fast-paced, a Fromanteel watch is there to remind its wearer to slow down, to fully immerse himself in the present, to savor each moment and to take joy in their life’s greatest moments – be it a birthday, a wedding, the birth of a child, the celebration of a friendship or an incredible career achievement.

A Fromanteel timepiece is the physical manifestation of such a moment and the Moon Phase White™ can serve as the perfect memento.

Even more so thanks to our engraving service, which can be used to personalize the timepiece and truly transform it into a long-lasting symbol of anything and everything its wearer holds as most important in life.

Join us in celebrating the tenth anniversary of this iconic timepiece by taking a moment to reflect on your milestones, your experiences, your turning points and every single one of the events which ended up shaping you and your life.

And if you’d like to commemorate any of them with an iconic watch which has stood the test of time, you can find our Moon Phase White™ here.

It’s the perfect gift to yourself – or a loved one – but it’s also an incredible legacy.

The moonphase watch features superior materials and is crafted and assembled entirely by hand by dedicated watchmakers educated at prestigious watchmaking academies.

The movements are assembled with great care and inspected thoroughly, the dials are painted and given a stylish finish and finally everything is fitted in the watch case. All so that this work of art can last for decades – if not centuries.

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