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Not sure if wearing a watch is right for you? Neither did I, but ultimately, investing in watch has become a wise and informed decision. Since then, I have never looked back. From having a better relationship with time to adding an extra kick to my personal style, here I five things learned about wearing watch.

A Practical Investment

Although wearing a watch is stylish, it’s also highly practical. If there is one thing I have learned from working in an office, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s been to put that phone a way. There has not been one single occasion where it’s been appropriate to check my phone at work–even for the time.

Wearing a watch is the most convenient and polite way to let others know you’re truly invested. Whether it’s with co-workers, family or friends, it’s becoming less socially acceptable to be constantly reaching or glued to your phone. When I wear a watch, it’s always a quick and gentle reminder to put my phone away, sit down and pay attention

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Going the Distance

A high-quality watch will be with you a lifetime. Watches today are built to last if they are taken care of properly. The largest advantage of owing a watch, especially in comparison to a smartphone, is its functional capabilities.

The majority of watches produced today are made to last all day, everyday, for years. Think about it, years of stress free time keeping without the concern of searching for your smartphone or worrying about a battery recharge. It’s a good way to live.

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Impeccable Style

Not one for trends, the watch I wear is an extension of my personal style and what I want to project. There is no other accessory that can pull together an outfit better then a watch. A watch is an understated accessory that always leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression.

When I wear a watch, I feel well put together, mature and uber-organized. A great watch doesn’t necessarily need the latest technology or all the bells and whistles; it basically just has to work. Look for high quality, history and craftsmanship. If you can find all three, you’re in the right place.

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Increased Productivity      

One of the first things I noticed while wearing a watch is increased productivity. Managing time is an important aspect of everyone’s lives, but with the growth of technology it’s certainly not easy. We live in a world of constant distraction and a watch is a pleasant step away from that.

 Although our devices are made to keep us on time, they unfortunately, do the opposite. Our devices simply have too much information on them to be overly convenient. Only a watch can deliver the simplicity, elegance and convenience our devices are simply missing making it the essential accessory. 

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Value Isn’t Everything, or Is It?

One of the most important things I have learned about purchasing a watch is to stay on budget and go from there. It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of wanting the most popular, and most often, expensive timepiece available. Investing in a watch is an important decision and making the right one takes an informed approach. Always take into account your style, but most importantly, ask yourself how a watch would benefit your daily life, or someone else’s.

Due to the individuality and personal connection usually found in a person wearing a watch, it makes an ideal gift for practically any event or occasion, which makes receiving a watch, something special. A watch doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to be of value. Its real value lies in the person it’s connected to. Its something that money just can’t buy.

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