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By: Mr. Alexander Sauve | Fromanteel staff-writer, Toronto - Canada (GMT -6 hrs) | 4 minute read


There are numerous reasons why a man may decide to wear a watch. Most are personal, some for style, while others appreciate the unspoken elegance and sophistication only a high-quality watch can deliver. No matter the reason, follow our easy to follow guide on why there has never been a better time to consider purchasing a watch.

Style and Substance

A watch is stylish–adding practical cool and sophistication to any outfit, occasion or event. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd there is no better way then adding a watch to your accessories. No other accessory in known to draw more attention. Whether I’m dressed in my best or relaxed in business casual, nothing will get more attention then the watch I’m wearing.

They are often a form of individuality and self-expression. It’s an unspoken indicator of a man’s personality, communicating who he is and what’s important to him. The right watch is as timeless as it is functional and always makes a stylish and unforgettable first impression.

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Functionality Is Always The Best Option

A watch is practical. Before the advent of the smartphone, a watch was a young businessman’s go-to for all things time sensitive. Your smartphone won’t keep you on time, but your watch will. A high-performance timepiece is the most convenient (and polite) way to tell the time.        

A watch is also multifunctional. As most display the time in different time zones, making it the ideal travel partner. Their long battery life is also far more convenient then the approximate eight hours a smartphone can deliver. Although traditionally worn for their appearance, a watch is something that can be counted on every time. How many of your other accessories, including your smartphone, can make that same promise?

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Investment You Can Count On

 A high-quality timepiece that is both functional and stylish is an investment that can be counted on year after year, regardless of the season or latest trend. Due to their craftsmanship, a watch is also often a symbol of tradition and history, making it essentially the ultimate accessory.

Although a watch is most often a personal investment, it’s often a very worthwhile purchase that can really go the extra mile. A watch is also extremely personal–something that says so much without saying a word. Investing in a watch is another way of saying you have arrived socially and professionally. Rising to a new level and maturity. It’s something a smartphone just can’t offer.


A Watch is Unique As You’re Original

 A watch makes a style statement like no other accessory and is often as original and unique as the wearer itself. A watch is an extension of individuality and form of self-expression. Modern timepieces are multifunctional and are designed and executed for every lifestyle, personal style, event or occasion.

Their classic appeal and traditional design make them the easiest and most functional accessory a man can wear. A watch is also highly versatile and multifunctional. It will set a man apart from the crowd and his competitors. There is no shirt, pair of shoes or perfectly tailored suit that identifies who a person is more then a watch.  

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